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travelers to sfo and offering a shuttle system to get them there. >>> new at noon, san francisco mayor ed lee has just given his first ever state of the city address. his first year, he was replacing lieutenant-governor gavin newsom. last year, he used his inaugural address for his state of the city talk. ktvu's alex savidge is live from san francisco to let us know more. >> reporter: good afternoon. mayor ed lee says san francisco has come a long way in the past year. he says bouncing back from high unemployment and a large deficit. he gave that state of the city speech in this venue here across the street. it's a nonprofit education group here in the bayview district of san francisco. the mayor this morning was optimistic about san francisco's future. >> my fellow san franciscans, i would submit to you on these facts alone, the state of our great city and county of san francisco is vital. it's resurgent and it's strong. [ applause ] >> reporter: mayor lee pointed to a balanced budget and the creation of thousands of new jobs in san francisco during his state of the city speech thisern
. tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. >>> san francisco are looking for a suspect who caused a deadly overnight shooting. family members identified the victim as 43-year-old daniel cologne. they were walking phloem a bar when somebody -- they were walking home from a bar when somebody started shooting. >> if somebody witnessed the person who shot and killed my son, that they would be coming forward. this marks the third homicide of the year. >>> governor jerry brown is among those attending a funeral service for a police office killed in the line of duty. he was killed by a burglary suspect who then shot and killed himself. he was with the police department for 3.5 years and also served as a military police man who served in the army. >>> in the last who are there were three americans among those of the 38 hostages killed and all but one killed were foreigners. five hostages are still missing at this hour and 29 militants killed were canadians. the assault came after negotiations broke down in the 4th day standoff. >> they went wild with their demands and they were unreasonable and un
home in san francisco's ingle side neighborhood appeared in court. he's charged with five counts f murder stemming from the killings of three women and two men at a home at discovery hearing today the judge continued proceeding. he's pleaded not guilty. he has been unable to post bell in custody. firefighters battle with complicated by clutter inside the home. you can see the heavy smoke and flames from news chopper 2. the 3 story house ignited about 9:00 this morning. firefighters say the homeowner is not actually living in the home so there were no injuries. firefighters are investigating suspicious fire. that started just before 4:00 this morning at a vacant building along the waterfront. >> there's nobody living on the peer, there are no sources of electricity or obvious sources of ignition, it will be under investigation. >> crews say the fire was difficult to put out. there was another fire in the very same area 2 years ago. >>> a big truck hit and killed a woman this morning while she was in a crosswalk. it happened about 7:00 a.m. at the intersection of north foothill boule
hurt after a suspect's car crashes in san francisco. good afternoon i'm david stevenson. a section of san francisco south avenue is shutdown this morning after a collision that says -- sent one vehicle crashing into a neighborhood grocery store. brian flores is there with what police are saying about the cause of this deadly collision. >> good afternoon. well, you heard the police chief himself say how an unbelievable tragedy this is. as you can see behind me still active and dynamic scene. you're looking at the black sedan there. that's the suspect's vehicle. what happened he left the traffic stop, sped away crashed into a couple that was driving another car and now two people are now dead. according to police they were initially called because of a report of gunshots towards the republican housing complex around 7:45. that's not too far from here. they got an initial description of the suspect's car. police then pulled over the suspect near 21st and when officers approached the car the suspect took off at high rate of speed and then just a couple of blocks and seconds later the a
. cal has more >> reporter: the ship is still out here in the san francisco bay. the 750-tanker hit one of the support towers of the bay bridge yesterday around 11:00 in foggy conditions. authorities say no oil was leak. the ship had just unloaded at a martinez refinery. the coast guard officials told us this morning a little bit more about its investigation. >> we're gonna continue to interview important members of the crew which includes the pilot and we'll also continue to interview members -- coast guard members who responded to the scene and find out what -- try to get more clues as to what happened. >> reporter: ktvu has learned the pilot passed an alcohol test yesterday. that pilot, george kleess, has eight years of experience but has had some problems in the past. now according to state records, kleess ran aground brieffully a sacramento river on august 27th of 2009. then two days later, he ran into some wooden pylons on a catwalk in stockton. caltrans officials say the bridge itself sustained no structural damage as the wood in the metal fenders absorbed the impact just as they
from residents of marin, sonoma, san francisco and contra costa counties. >>> santa cruz police are searching for a man who groped a 12-year-old girl. here is a police sketch of thiasus protect. the girl was attacked on friday as she walked home from school on watt null avenue. the suspected is described as latino in his 20s about six feet tall. more than 250 pounds and wearing wire rim glasses. marin city man is accused of rape is behind bars today. jovan jones sexually assaulted a woman as she entered her home saturday night. jones was booked on charges including rape, burglary, robbery, aggravated assault and false imprisonment. los angeles police have made a until a swat team stormed into the store early friday morning. the suspects got away. police are releasing few details about the arrest but say one person was taken into custody on friday. another arrest came the following day at a phoenix hotel. police say at least three people were injured during the hostage stand off. including one employee who was sexually assaulted. >>> authorities shed more light on the 1981 death
from a san francisco pioneer to his wife in the 19 -- in the 1800s. it was created by a san francisco gold smith artisan. >> reporter: that is until monday when someone snatched it. oakland police would not release a picture citing the ongoing investigation. all we can tell you it's 7 by 9, about the size of a shoebox. it's gold with images of california on the box. >> this is a theft not just on a valuable object but the theft of the history and the heritage of our children. >> reporter: it's the second time this has happened. there was another heist in november. >> the museum believes in both theft, the thief came through the garden. in both thefts, he came to this area in the museum. back in november, took an item in there and then from here and then on monday took that box located right there. >> reporter: two burglaries in two month, both when the methamphetamine was closed. both caught on video. >> there are striking similarities. >> reporter: police believe the same man is responsible, described as black, 5'9" to 6 feet, medium complexion with short, black hair. wearing a dark
, everybody. [applause] >>> right now, the san francisco bomb squad dealing with a suspicious device and the bay area is already seen some wet weather. h.i.v. resistant cells created by bay area scientists -- at noon. >>> good afternoon. i'm claudine wong. tori campbell is off today. >>> happening now, a bomb squad is wrapping up its investigation of a suspicious package and has blocked off streets in san francisco's china basin neighborhood. those streets, however, should be opening soon. you are looking at newschopper2 over that area right now. officials did close off streets near the 100 block of terry francois street and did evacuate a nearby building. they did not want to take any chances with something that looked like a military or ordnance box. one firefighter said it's not something you get from safeway. >> it looked like it had military colors on it. >> you looking at video of the robot sent in to check out that package, that package right there on the ledge near that building, no word yet on exactly what was inside the pox. but it was s apparently deemed harm also. >>> wel
code issues are priorities on that front. >>> san francisco police are searching for five armed men wanted in a home invasion robbery early this morning. it happened on 40th avenue in the city's richmond district. claudine wong tells us about the very specific item the robbers demanded from their victims. >> reporter: san francisco police stood outside this building for hours this morning. we watched as they confiscated a kitchen knife left in a planter that residents say was used by one of the suspects in this home invasion. >> i've never had a gun in my face before. >> reporter: the victims didn't want their faces on camera but say it all happened inside the first floor apartment where a group of college students were staying. >> we were sleeping and then we heard like a commotion and started to hear this bang on the door and the door started to give out and then there was a gun in my face. >> what did they say? give me your money, give me your phone. >> give me your weed. >> reporter: the victims admit they leave their front door unrocked because they have this gate down here but
in the case of a missing san francisco boy. 10-year-old kevin collins vanished on february 10, 1984. as he walked from basketball practice at st. agnes school to a bus stop at oak street and masonic avenue. bryan -- brian flores joins us from a home just a block away where investigators search for clues related to the disappearance. >> reporter: behind me is the home where local and federal investigators were searching for clues in the 29-year-old case. pretty quiet now. we're also expecting a picture of a person of interest from the original investigation. he has since died. we have yet to receive that but we did speak with a person who knew the family and he says right now it's bringing up mixed feelings. >> i saw posters. i answered the phone. i did anything they wanted me to do. >> reporter: michael sharp from san francisco remembers the search for collins, not only was he a volunteer for the search but knew the family. he's concerned for their well being just like he was almost 30 years ago. >> i was scared. i was shaking. i could hardly sleep last night. thinking about it. what the s
and your weekend forecast. >>> health information of your favorite san francisco restaurant will soon be easier to access in a new announcement from the mayor. Ñç5xñóÑmñz?cç?çÑkÑkÑe- >>> the third and final way of the uc regents meeting is underway. sal castanedo is live to explain the big focus of the meeting today. good afternoon, sal. >> reporter: good afternoon, tori. this is the last day. and one of the ideas that has emerged from the meeting is starting more online education. 10% of the general education requirements in the future could be set up on some online academy that the university is using here wants to set up. governor jerry brown, a regent himself and a graduate of uc berkeley says he likes the idea and has submitted -- committed $10 million from the state budget to help the university add more online courses. >> we have to get out of our comfort zone and look at this thing in a way how do we maintain, enhance this wonderful institution called the university of california? and i'm a person, you know, i've been around a long time, i care about this university
francisco chronicle and research by san francisco examiner said he had the most incidentses between 2,009 and 2011. it cost more than $2 million in damage. >>> high surf is great for pro surfers and dangerous for beach goers and several areas are off limits ahead of the mavericks surfing competition. alex savidge joins us live to let us know the new restriction insist place. good afternoon. >> reporter: with nice weather and the mavericks competition going on, there will be big crowds at many bay area beaches including half moon bay. today the coast guard is putting out a warning. you can expect there to be large waves. in many spots. it in the 10-foot range and the coast guard is hoping the people won't under estimate the power of the ocean and especially since several people recently are swept out to sea by large waves. >> i hope everyone takes that as a warning that the ocean is not for giving. just be cautious out there and take the precautions necessary. >>> in the meantime, the coast guard is planning special patrols on sunday near half moon bay for the surf contest. there will
if firefighters damaged the pipe while tearing away insulation. >>> a san francisco man is due in court in connection with the deadly cash on knewier's day -- new year's day. police say david morales shot at three people and then while fleeing from police, he reportedly crashed a cash killing two and seriously injured a third. he's set to be charged with murder, attempted murder and evading police. >>> all but a handful of customers have their power back on this noontime after a speeding car crashed into a power pole in san francisco. ktvu's claudine wong tell us what led up to the early- morning crash and all of the work needed to clean up the mess. >> reporter: it started at a traffic stop but ended like, a mess on a san francisco street just before 2:00 this morning. the highway patrol says officers tried to pull over the man driving this 2003 bmw registered out of oakland but after pulling off the freeway, that driver refused to stop and ended up crashing into this power pole fence and caltrain truck. he ran from the scene. pg&e crews were left to clean up the mess he left behind. r
about san francisco's iconic twins at noon. ♪ [ music box: lullaby ] [ man on tv, indistinct ] ♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ] [ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers... of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it. ♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ] >>> complete bay area news coverage, starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 news at noon. >> we are definitely looking at the individuals and trying to bring closure to some of these open cases. >> oakland police crack down on violent offenders. >>> good afternoon, i am john sasaki in for tory. officers swept across the city in raids looking to take criminals off the streets. tara moriarty joins us now with word that today's effort was part of the ongoing operation cease-fire. tara. >> reporter: that's right. these raids were a part of an operation called cease-fire. it is basically an effort to get guns out of the hands of gang members and the chief says you know basically in response to the surge in violence we saw over this past year. now, this morning ktvu was the only crew to b
learn and grow from this experience in this situation. and that i love san francisco. anybody has any entitlement to what they want to believe or do. >> reporter: culliver's teammates weighed in on a day that they would have much preferred have been talking about football. >> i don't believe there's malice in his heart. he's not that kind of person. he's not a -- he's not an ugly person. he's not a discriminating person. >> whatever you are into, that's you. everybody is into something different. if you can play football, you are welcome in our locker room. >> he wants to grow,ed a learn from the lbgt community. now it's up to us to treat that with insensitivity and intolerance and say no, he doesn't have that opportunity or you can take him at his word. >> reporter: well, jed york described how this was a learning experience for everyone. you can bet that chris culliver has already learned a from it. joe fonzi, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. >>> the nfl and federal agents this morning touted their efforts to crack down on fake nfl merchandise. they say a crackdown called "operati
continues for a san francisco man accused of setting his girlfriend on fire. dexter oliver doused his girlfriend with gasoline and set her on fire in the bay view district. the 25-year-old mother of three is now in the hospital with life-threatening burns on her chest neck and face. it stems from an argument after a trip to a nearby laudromat. >>> they are talking about curbing ammunition sales and they are talking about who is behind this local effort. >> good afternoon. >>> and we are talking about what news legislation aims to do this morning. >> i want to say shame on the n ra. shame on you for wanting to train teachers to use guns. that is a huge misstep. >> now the state building, this is a teacher who spoke to city leaders and they stood behind an assembly bill. he bill needs tougher restrictions on the sale of ammunition and it will require sellers to be licensed and the department of justice must keep a registry of all such purchases. >> there is no registry and there is no reinforcement to know who has the master buses because it takes bullets to kill people with a gun and w
-- festivities through tuesday morning. >>> funeral services will be held in san francisco tonight for francisco gutierrez, one of two people killed in a tragic cash outside a liquor store on new year's dai. investigators say a suspected gang member was racing away from police following a shooting when he caused the deadly crash. that suspect david morales now faces murder charges. >>> governor brown is attending the second day after three-day meeting of the u.c. board of regents. brian flores joins us live to explain one of the issues on the table, a $4 million marketing plan that was a huge flop. brian? >> reporter: good afternoon, tori. governor brown making a rare appearance today at the urchlts c. regents -- u.c. regents meeting. he would like to see more students getting their education through online courses. the governor making that pitch today during the meeting that was also attended by lieutenant governor gavin newsom. increased online courses was also spearheaded by the u.c. president. he said there are no other ways to get around the traditional methods of education. the governor sa
in baseball obtained steroids. the list includes a former san francisco giant and two former oakland as players. the report check records from a miami anti-aging clinic and it found that melky cabrera, gio gonzalez, cologne, ramirez and other players purchased performance-enhancing drugs. cologne and cabrera served suspensions last season for testing positive. >>> gun violence happens in oakland but the police department is particularly troubled by the shootings last week of two officers, plus another shooting that injured an 8-year-old girl. alex savidge is live at the police department where the chief has been speaking about these recent shootings. alex? >> reporter: good afternoon. the chief of police here in oakland says the type of violence that we've seen recently in this city, police officers being shot, a child shot yesterday, he calls it unacceptable. a news conference just wrapped up here at oakland's police headquarters. the chief of police is promising that officers will track down the gunman who shot an 8-year-old girl during a drive-by. she suffered a gunshot wound to t
bay, peninsula and san francisco were almost unchanged in the fourth quarter of last year. average rents declined sitly in the south bay. some renters decided to buy. >>> president obama began the first day of his new kay ofshsh -- new day of work with sox and prayers as the -- songs and prayers at the national washington cathedral. he and michelle obama were joined by joe biden and his wife. the post inaugural press conference dates back to the first inauguration of george washington. >>> how thieves managed to steal a dozen cars from an east bay car kieler -- dealer. >>> and it's a mild, sunny date out there -- it's a mild, sunny day out there. rosemary will be back to tell you about changes. >> reporter: we're live at a march if where a rally is due to get underway about the roe versus wade. alright let's break it down. mom, pop it. ♪ two inches apart, becky. two inches. t-minus nine minutes. [ ding ] [ female announcer ] pillsbury cinnamon rolls. let the making begin. ♪ faster than mandy can hang up on mr. monday. you hang up first. [ female announcer ] in just 60 seconds,
this is all happening. >>> something different begins this weekend for san francisco parking enforcement. hear why merchants are angry. >>> and less money in your paycheck. the reason why -- at noon. ?o?ooooóññ >>> a major water main break impacts traffic near two major freeways. this is one of several problems like this in the bay area right now. good afternoon. i'm tori campbell. >>> hundreds of people in hayward are without running water after a large water main break overnight near jackson and the 880 and highway 92 freeways. alex savidge was the first reporter on the scene at 4:30. he's live to tell us why our cold water may be having a problem. >> reporter: good afternoon. the hayward director of public works says a combination of frigid temperatures and soggy soil from recent rain is likely what caused this underground water pipe to shift and break. repair work is going on right now. i was just told by a worker they getting set to turn back on the water. businesses in the area have had to get by with no running water. water started to pour flooding the intersection of jackson and sla
50s. san francisco downtown 49. san jose 54. right around 54 in santa rosa, 49 degrees. the big deal tonight is this, very cold temperatures and already a frost advisory that kicks in for friday morning for the bayshoreline except san francisco, temperatures friday 30s and then a freeze warning for them, especially for places like morgan hill and gilroy, temperatures dropping back down to the 20s to start out friday morning so keep the plants warm and the animals warm early tomorrow morning with those subfreezing temperatures. >>> a sun-cloud mix today and the big temperature drop as that area of low pressure remains in command of our weather. low snow levels but the coverage has been backing off but there that is chance of a shower and that highest chance will be right near the immediate shoreline. here is our updated forecast model showing you this, not the clear skies but activity moving into marin county. the but k the bulk of the action remains offshore but showers remain to the west of the bay area. we will take this model. expand it. we will show you as we do head into friday
approached the couple and took the woman's purse and the man's wallet. >>> san francisco police have released new video in hopes of catching two men robbing drug stores. the suspects robbed the clement pharmacy and the golden gate pharmacy last week, they jumped over the counter and forced the customers to the floor. one of the men actually held a gun to an employee while demanding oxycodone, they are believed to be in their 20s. >> dianne feinstein is resuming her fight for a ban on assault weapons. this morning she introduced a bill on the floor of the senate and it is designed to stop at the sale, trar transfer and manufacturing of those weapons. >> they fall into the hands of those. they are sold out of trunks and back seats of automobiles in cities as well as gun shows with no questions asked -- >> senator feinstein introduced a similar measure in 1993 after a shooting there. >>> meanwhile vice-president biden just wrapped up a forum on gun control. biden partnered with google as part of a series of white house online fireside hangouts. a 21th century take on franklin roosevelts famous
chambers explains why. >> reporter: san francisco mayor ed lee and other city officials say they want to reduce or eliminate any potential problems after the super bowl so the mayor is asking bars that sell hard liquor to help out. >> suggest that they serve than heavy alcohol during times of celebration because that doesn't help. >> case in point, this where they took to the streets and destroyed property. >> after what happened with the giants and the chaos that is probable one of the first and only times i have been afraid to be there. >> so to keep that from happening again they will tor tour those areas and discuss the plans for super bowl sunday, which includes having three times the amount of officer as a normal sunday and also fire marshals at the ready to close down bars that are too crowded or overrowdy but the part that is hard to swallow is not having the hard liquor flow. >> it is a challenge because everybody wants to drink and celebrate and it is going to be hard. >> i think you can control it. people are going to do what they want to do. >> here is one thing people are
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